Are You Juggling Even More Responsibilities?


Juggling is a very real activity for caregivers. You might not be literally juggling objects, but you’re definitely juggling tasks and demands.

Get Realistic about Everything You’re Facing

Before you make any big changes, you need to get realistic with yourself about all of the things you’re doing and the expectations you’re trying to manage. Life has a way of getting out of hand, especially when you’re in juggling mode. If other people are relying on you to live up to certain obligations, you might need to sit down with them, too, and renegotiate what’s happening. This ensures that you’ve got an accurate view of what needs doing.

Saying No Is Not a Bad Thing

It’s difficult to say no, especially when you’re a helper at heart. You want to tackle certain situations for the people that you care about, but that’s probably how your schedule got out of hand in the first place. When someone asks you to do something, first think about whether the request is a requirement. If it is, then you’ll find a way to fit it in. But if it isn’t, you might need to go ahead and say no right out of the gate.

Routines Can Save You

Routines exist for a reason. They allow you to float on auto-pilot to an extent. You might find that your routines are there, but they’ve gotten bloated with activities you don’t need or that you could delegate. Delegation can help so much when you’re balancing a lot. Handing over tasks to elderly care providers, for instance, ensures that they’ll be handled and that you’ll free up time and energy you can spend elsewhere. Look for the areas in your routines that are getting out of hand and streamline them.

Self-care Is Non-negotiable

One of the things you can’t take out of your routine is self-care. You have to include time for you to take care of you. And if your current schedule doesn’t include self-care, that’s where you need to start adding in time for you. Self-care doesn’t have to be big, it means focusing on what you’re doing, like eating healthy meals regularly. If it’s in the routine, it’s easier to do it.

Following these ideas can help you to get a better handle on your schedule. As you balance things out a little better, you’re going to find that you feel less like you’re juggling and more like you’re conducting an orchestra that knows all the right notes.

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